Special Edition Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf
Replica TAG Heuer Watches

Special Edition Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf

Special Edition Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf, design ideas draw on the TAG Heuer Monaco prototype watch, praise the deep relationship between the watch brand and the racing movement. The 39 mm stainless steel square case is presented in alternating finishes, but it is not completely square, with slightly curved sides and a certain curvature, which visually “widens” the visual perception of the disk https://www.watcheaponline.com/.

Special Edition Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf

The square bezel, the side is polished and polished, and the side is brushed to show two look and feel. The crown is set on the left side of the watch, which is different from the traditional right side. The polished TAG Heuer LOGO pattern is engraved on the crown and is designed with a non-slip texture.

On the other side of the TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf replica watch are two chronograph buttons that are tilted with the side curvature and are also polished to give a superior texture. The top is the timing start/pause, and the lower is the timing clear. GULF blue and orange stripes are decorated with a blue sun-grained dial, the outer edge is embossed with a 60 second/minute scale, and the rhodium-plated polished faceted inlaid hour markers are blended with the red lacquered central pointer for a clearer and more intuitive time indication. The white and superluminova® fluorescent coatings on the hour and hour hands make it easy to observe the time even in dark environments.

The movement of replica TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf is in front of you, and you can enjoy it. Support time display, timing and quick date adjustment to ensure the outstanding practicality of the watch. The special model has a depth of 100 meters and a 42-hour power reserve.

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